Art by V.K.Henderson


As an artist I enjoy using a variety of media.  I work in acrylic which I really enjoy

but I also do charcoal and graphite.


My passion for nature is quite apparent since I often focus on landscapes, birds and animals.  I am experimenting with abstract work, to help me develop and grow as an artist.

I do, however, have other loves.  Among them are traveling with my husband, being with my girls, meeting new people, reading mysteries, knitting, crocheting, and baking. Then there are, of course, my 2 cats, that are not only a great source of inspiration, but entertainment as well.

I am in school taking some classes to help improve my work and also teaching art to K-12 . It has been a very busy 2 years and I haven’t had much opportunity to do a lot of painting but I intend to make 2016 a very productive year.

I do make prints of my artwork but I use only archival giclee paper and ink. I will make prints of some of my work upon request. I can provide a variety of sizes. I will sign and number the print (which are limited) and provide a certificate of authenticity.

I will extend time payment options in certain situations.